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The Gift of Life Insurance

The Gift of Life Insurance

Bill Feldmann's ('68, '70) memories of UD started many years ago. He recalls going to Albert Emanuel Hall at the age of five, so that his father could study while watching him and his sister. "We ran around the library and the grounds outside and had a great time."

In fact, UD played a prominent role in Bill's childhood, with his father pursuing a business degree at UD and his mother working at the University for 27 years, retiring as the head secretary in the biology department.

After high school graduation, Bill enrolled at UD, furthering his family's ties with the University. He received his general business undergraduate degree and then worked toward his MBA through a graduate assistanceship, in which the cost of his tuition and books were covered, in exchange for teaching freshman business classes. During this time, he befriended four other graduate assistants, with whom he has maintained lifelong friendships.

Bill went on to a career in banking, specializing in managing trust accounts and became the go-to guy in Dayton when anyone had questions-including other banks' staffs-regarding charitable endowments, foundations and trusts and setting up and managing non-profit accounts. After retiring, Bill worked for a non-profit agency, raising money through individual contributions and foundation grants.

Bill explained how a UD education prepared him for a career that was more than just "work." "The learn, lead and serve principle was instilled in all students…it was instilled in me-you heard it from the professors and staff. And if you found yourself in leadership positions-which lots of graduates do-you've got the rules to be successful. I learned the principals of giving back and gained confidence in leading people to serve others in my professional work and not-for-profit volunteer efforts. For example, I found a niche in managing foundation and endowment accounts at the bank and I absolutely loved it because it gave me an opportunity to serve by helping the underprivileged in our community."

Over the years, Bill got married and raised three children, two of which attended the University of Dayton, adding to the family's UD legacy. Bill's grandson Myles, who is now 4, will soon have the experience of attending his first UD basketball game with his father, Matthew-just as Bill took Matt to UD basketball games as a child.

Bill's long-time affinity for the University has led him to provide support not only through his family's attendance at UD games - but also through his financial support, including the gift of a life insurance policy. Bill explains that by making UD beneficiary it accomplishes several things: "I get a current charitable deduction. I also receive a tax deduction for the annual premium that I continue to pay. And this is the type of policy that will continue to grow, so in 20 or 25 years the policy is going to be worth a lot more than it is now."

The gift will eventually serve as a bequest to the University, and will support a scholarship that Bill established in his father's name-to honor his father's hard work pursuing his education, while working and raising a family. At that point, the scholarship will be an endowed fund, but for the time being it is an immediate-use scholarship, because Bill and his family have chosen to make current contributions. Bill can see how much these funds mean to UD and the students who receive them today.

Through his own gifts and family gifts into the fund, Bill is currently able to fund a $1,000 scholarship. Bill notes, "Every little bit helps a student. And I get to see the benefits of the Louis W. Feldmann, Jr. Family Scholarship Fund now. I've met one of the students who received the scholarship, which was a great experience."

Bill shows what it means to be a Flyer for life-and what it means to make an immediate and lasting impact on UD and its students.


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