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What's Your Legacy?

What's Your Legacy?

Chris Fohl '21 is a first-generation college student who is at the University of Dayton because David Poff '72 realized he could make a difference for students transferring to UD from Sinclair Community College. He could do it right now, and he could do it for the future.

For an immediate impact, Poff set up scholarships at both UD and Sinclair to benefit students just like Fohl. "It is inspiring to know that someone would care so much that they're willing to make a gift of their own resources to help students like me," said Fohl. "I hope someday to be able to do the same thing."

Like Fohl, Poff began at Sinclair and then enrolled at UD to earn a degree in business management. Before attending either, Poff spent three and a half years in the Air Force. For Fohl, he's worked at a local grocery for seven years while pursuing his education.

Beyond their path to UD from Sinclair and a strong work ethic, they also share a love for UD and the Dayton area. "The University of Dayton enhances the city of Dayton and its reputation greatly, and Sinclair offers Dayton a great service," Poff said. "Both institutions are a gift to Dayton, Ohio."

It didn't take Fohl long to notice how special UD was, too. "Going through orientation, I learned a lot about community," said Fohl. "But more importantly, I felt it."

Poff set up a scholarship to help students like Fohl transition from Sinclair to UD. He made an immediate gift and set up a bequest to ensure more students experience UD.

The foresight to make a difference through a direct bequest to UD, and the desire to see UD change right now, that's what makes Poff's gift so special.

You can make that same kind of life-changing difference. Including UD in your will or making UD a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or IRA are comfortable and simple ways to make a lasting impact on the University you love.


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