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Maximizing Assets

Maximizing Assets

Bill Tweed '70 benefited from the generosity of others to help get him to, and through, the University of Dayton. That generosity and his love for his alma mater fuels his passion for mentoring students and supporting scholarships for those who might not otherwise be able to afford UD.

In 2017, Tweed was one of the lead donors who helped launch the Flyer Promise program, which makes a UD education accessible to underserved students from partner high schools regardless of their financial background. Recently, he once again stepped forward to support this program through a planned gift of real estate.

Like many others, Tweed is planning ahead to create a legacy of impact. Working with UD's planned giving team, he opted to use a donation of real estate, versus writing a check or giving stock, to support the Flyer Promise program. "Bill's gift is one example of how to use other assets like a home or other real estate that you may not need to support the University," said Matt Borden, director and team lead for planned giving.

According to Borden, many donors have appreciated real estate, such as their home, a personal farm, a vacation property, undeveloped land, or even some commercial property that they may be able to use to make a gift to UD. And, if the property can be accepted as a gift by UD, donors who decide to make a gift of real estate:

  • Avoid the time, effort and expense of selling a property while making an impactful gift to UD.
  • Avoid paying capital gains taxes on the sale of the real estate.
  • May receive a charitable income tax deduction based on the value of the gift.
  • Leave a lasting legacy and substantial impact to the University of Dayton.

Donors who want to give real estate to UD can do so in a variety of ways: donating their property outright, or giving their property through their will or trust. Donors may even use their real estate to produce an income stream for themselves and to ultimately make a gift to the University. In any case, UD's planned giving team, through knowledge and creativity, can often help a donor make a larger impact than they may think possible. "The planned giving team at UD is very strong. They work hard to help donors accomplish their goals," said Tweed.

With his gift, Tweed hopes to inspire others to support UD through their philanthropy, and their time and engagement with students. He is especially proud to be involved in the Flyer Promise program and see how profoundly it impacts students and the University as a whole.

"I trust and respect UD and know that my investment will be used appropriately," said Tweed. "This is a very exciting time for UD, and I think it's just going to get better from here!"

Some real estate gifts can pose unique challenges and the Planned Giving Team can help you and your advisors assess whether a gift of real estate is a strong option for you and the University. If you are thinking about making a gift of real estate, please contact the Office of Planned Giving at 937-229-4484 or to discuss the option that is best suited for you and to make sure the University can accept the real estate and create the impact you intend.

If you have already included the University of Dayton in your will or estate plan, please let us know so we can properly recognize your commitment, invite you to become a member of the Leo Meyer Society , and explore the impact you hope to have with your gift.


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