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Giving Through an IRA

Giving Through an IRA

Pat Goerig has had a career worth writing about. From his service as a U.S. Army combat helicopter pilot in Vietnam to his 33 years as a United Airlines pilot, he has spanned the globe and flown some of the largest airplanes and longest over-water international routes. And Goerig's fascinating career all began here at the University of Dayton.

Goerig graduated from UD in 1963 with a bachelor's in Business Economics, but found his true passion while participating in UD's Army ROTC. Through this program, he had his first pilot training at what was then Montgomery County Airport, now Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport in Vandalia.

During this training, Goerig took his first solo cross-country flight from Dayton to Cincinnati, and received some sound advice from his seasoned flight instructor. "When (not if) you get lost, stay calm, keep your wits about you, and just fly directly south 'til you see a BIG river. Then, follow that BIG river to Cincinnati." Goerig found out later that this was the instructor's favorite route for "green" pilots because the BIG river helped prevent a nervous, young pilot from losing his or her way.

This flight instructor's guidance stuck. Goerig said, "During the ensuing over 50 years and 20,000+ hours of military, civilian and airline flying time, I never forgot the 'stay calm, keep your wits about you and follow the BIG River' advice." Goerig eventually became a civilian, military and airline flight instructor and FAA Designated Examiner himself, so he was also able to impart this advice, along with his own acquired knowledge, to new crops of novice, as well as fellow airline and military, pilots.

Now in retirement, Goerig spends his time "as the full-time custodian of keeping my bird feeders full
and part-time hay, corn and beef farmer." However, he still harvests his love of flying, as an active Gold Seal Flight Instructor, and personal helicopter and heliport owner.

Reflecting on his career, Goerig says, "Any success I have been able to achieve, I feel I owe directly to training I received at UD...I just plain love the place and all it stands for. That early UD flight training, as well as UD's overall molding of character and my strong Catholic faith, have had a significant impact on my entire life."

Goerig shows his appreciation for that strong Flyer foundation by giving back to the next generation of Flyers. Every year, he transfers a generous amount of money directly from his Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to the University.

Goerig is a proponent of IRA giving because "now that qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) from an IRA are permanently allowed, it is the easiest, most efficient, hassle-free way I can think of to help UD, and to help yourself maintain easy IRS record keeping (and audit avoidance)." IRA giving also allows donors to meet the required minimum distribution (RMD) from their IRA (up to $100,000) and prevent distributions from counting as taxable income.

Through such giving, Pat Goerig is paving the way for future Flyers to unearth and cultivate their passions here at the University—just like he did. That's a Flyer tale worth telling.

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